Welcome to the Home Page. I will use this site to store information for you all (and myself) and to help facilitate the game between all of us.

Campaign: The Shifting Sands
Background: “Beneath a dying sun lies a world of sand and fire, a world of barbaric splendor and savage desolation. This is Athas, a desert planet laid waste by unchecked sorcery and ancient wars. Immortal sorcerer-kings reign over the cities that remain, celebrating their tyranny with bloody arena games and brutal oppression. Cruel slavers and fierce raiders roam the wastelands in search of captives and plunder. Welcome.”

Character Creation

  • To begin. Our first session will be character creation. For this campaign setting, Arcane characters are not allowed to be created. Races and other common fantasy / D&D stereotypes are not present here either. As we go through our character building session, I will provide additional background and lore needed in order to fully flesh out your character.
  • If you have played a type of character previously, I would highly suggest you chose to play a character of a different role (Striker, Leader, Controller, Defender).
  • I am going to be highly rewarding roleplaying and encouraging combat to flow quickly. I will probably experiment with different rewards, but expect at least the following:
  1. If, at the start of your turn, you are prepared for your full compliment of actions, you will receive a +1 to your attack roles at my digression.
  2. During the course of the game, I will be using written notes to pass to players, they will contain instructions, knowledge, motivations, etc that only your character knows. You may or may not be able to communicate this to your teammates.
  3. The better you describe your actions without referring to mechanics (e.g., “I try to persuade him” vs actually saying in character, what you say") will also be met with enhancements to your roles / easier checks.
  • Finally, Athas is a brutal desolate world. There are no gods to save you, no planes of existence for souls. Death is common here. Adventuring unprepared can easily turn sour quickly.